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Special Programs

Partnership Programs

Horizons University cooperates with various institutions around the world on several jointly developed programs that are awarded by the University and delivered jointly with the partner institution. These partnerships offer many students around the world the opportunity to earn a Horizons University degree with the same quality and standards directly with the university or with local partners.

Below are the programs currently offered:

United Kingdom Examinations Board (UKEB), England

  1. Education Doctorate (EdD)
  2. International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)
  3. Master of Wellness Management
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Top-Up)

Insight Network Academy, Malaysia

  1. Executive Doctorate in Business Administration
  2. Master in Digital Currency

Malaysian Export Academy, Malaysia

  1. Professional Diploma in Export Management
  2. MSc in International Trade

Karisma Merdu Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

  1. Executive Master in Commercial Management

River Samon Institute of Management, Myanmar

1.  Bachelor of Art in Business Administration,
2.   Bachelor of Art in International Business,
3.   Bachelor of Art in Management,
4.   Bachelor of Art in Accounting,
5.   Bachelor of Art in Marketing,
6.   Bachelor of Art in HRM
7.   BSC (IT)
8.    MBA (Banking & Finance),
9.    MBA (International Business),
10.  MBA (Marketing),
11. MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management),
12. MBA (HRM),
13. Executive MBA in public administration
14.  Doctor of Philosophy in International Management,
  • 15.   Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration,
16.  Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting,
17.   Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Management,
18.   Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing Management,
Enyuvesi of Business and Management,  Malaysia
1. Bachelor of Health Science - Naturopathy
2.  Bachelor of Health Science - Acupuncture
3. Bachelor of Arts in Public administration,
4. Bachelor of Arts in international Business
5. Bachelor of Arts in Management
6. MBA in International Business
7. MBA in in Public Administration
8. Executive Masters in Business Administration
9. Doctor of Philosophy in International Management
10. Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration
11. BA in Martial Arts
12. MA in Martial Arts
13. PhD in Martial Arts
14 MA in Wellness Management
CEED Global (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia  
1) Master in Management 
2) Official Support Center for Horizons University accredited MBA program
MiMber Institute of Management Studies, Myanmar  
1) Master in Management 
 Lao International College, Laos
a)    DBA in Marketing, HR, logistics.
b)    Bachelor of Arts ( hons) in International Business Administration
c)    Masters in International business administration
d)    Doctor of philosophy in International business administration

 NB: The above programs are not part of the accredited degrees found in the Business / Education /Communication departments.

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