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Horizons University takes pride in empowering its students with the opportunity to further their education. This includes students for whom education would otherwise be inaccessible due to geographic, financial, political, or any other number of limitations. At Horizons University we believe that a student who is motivated, hard working, and dedicated to accomplishing his or her goals deserves the opportunity to do so. It is our mission to contribute to make this possible and to reach all those who are ready and willing.


HU was founded


fully satisfied


complete their degree
from 1998 to 2023


faculty hold a doctorate


advance in their career within 6 months

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Graduation Ceremony 2022

GRADUATION CEREMONY 2022 , on October 14th, 2022 Graduation Ceremony in INALCO,
one of the Prestigious University in Paris

University life

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Graduation Ceremony

GRADUATION CEREMONY 2022 , On October 14th, 2022 Graduation Ceremony in INALCO,
one of the Prestigious University in Paris

Prestige Awards

Horizons University is the winner of the Prestige Award as Education Professional of the Year in France.


After a lot of hard work I graduated with a DBA in International Business which changed my whole life positively. After few months following graduation, and because my current employer values my degree, I was promoted to the Accounting Manager position which also meant an increase in my salary. Moreover, the self confidence I gained from this achievement gave me the ability to improve myself quickly. I started thinking in a different way whittled me to create something new that is beneficial to myself and to the employees in my department. All in all, I advise all students who have the ability to complete their higher education, to do so and never surrender. And I want to finally encourage students to join Horizons University where you will find very helpful instructors and administrative staff who can make your years of education flow smoothly.

Dr. Ahmed Abou Taha- DBA graduate (Lebanon)

Starting my postgraduate degree in TESOL with Horizons University, I expected to get a high-quality education, but little did I know that studying here would become a life-changing experience for me. The option to take the programme online is a great opportunity for those who cannot study in campus and allows working at your own pace and receiving all the necessary knowledge in your field and sharing ideas in a virtual classroom. The tutors, truly professional and dedicated, encouraged me to move further and pursue my goals. To anyone who is thinking about taking a degree with the Horizons University, I would say: Go ahead, work hard, stay committed, and seize the day!

Rena Aleskerova- (MA in TESOL - Azerbaijan)

The exceptional accredited course is a carefully constructed step-by-step programme to achieve the Doctorate. It is taught by experienced, knowledgeable and friendly lecturers and professors. The staff team are attentive and responsive. The positive feedback and support enabled me to research and understand the complexities of international business and management. I have no hesitation in recommending this phenomenal educational programme. It definitely broadened my horizons.

Dr. Mike Smith- (DBA graduate - UK)

Horizons University completely changed the way I thought about getting my graduate degree. I had a great experience while completing my International Education Master’s degree online. The teachers and staff are wonderful too. My favorite aspect of HU is the flexibility. You can go at your own pace and control the speed through the whole process. I feel like the whole program was tailored just for me and had one-to-one attention each step of the way. Most importantly, I can confidently say that I am applying what I learned in my career every day. They have broadened my knowledge and understanding of education. Thank you so much for giving me all the resources I need to make my dreams in Paris come true. I can't wait to see what other opportunities I will have in the future thanks to my degree.

Michelle Arisso- (MAIED graduate - USA)

It was a great pleasure to complete my MBA at Horizons University. The course broadened my perspectives and made me discover its importance, especially because I come from a technical background. Horizons has a very positive campus environment in the center of Paris. The staff are very helpful and make the best effort to lead us in the right path. I strongly recommend Horizons University to all who aspire for quality of education and want to open new horizons for their career.

Suhair Mahmood- (MBA graduate - Canada)

I obtained my DBA in International Business with great pride! The programme and the degree have indeed helped and enhanced my personal and corporate career to a great extent. It is a vigorous but rewarding journey because at the end I truly acquired to master the skills of research as I wrote the doctoral dissertation with very good help from my supervisor and the University. With these skills and the degree, I have progressed to hold several C-suites appointments and met many prominent people who acknowledged the priceless value of the degree, even when I attended a course at Harvard University, in Boston.

Dr Christopher Tay- (DBA Graduate - Singapore)

I was very positively surprised by Horizons program because the structure and approach are very good, we learn more with dynamic online classes based on projects rather than taking tests and having only theoretical lessons. I always participated in the activities, in addition to exchanging information with the professors, since it is thanks to them that we acquire the knowledge to enter the job market. My expectation is now very high for my future studies

Jaisen Monteiro- BBA graduate (Brazil)

I would like to express a great thank you for being given the opportunity to study at the Horizons University. It was a fascinating and enriching research experience in the area of global communication supported by truly visionary international faculty members. Thank you, Horizons University, for expanding the academic horizons. 

Markéta Nabiany- MA in Cross Cultural Communication (Switzerland and Czech Republic)
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