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Why Horizons University

At Horizons University students may manage their studies around their professional, family, and other responsibilities.

When studying online, one can begin a degree program or course on any day of the year. Horizons University’s unique self-paced methodology matched with content-based learning allows students to complete course work and modules according to their availability, and existing knowledge on the subject matters. The more information you know and the more time you have to study, the faster you’ll complete your degree!

When studying on-campus, students can begin their degree in the Fall and in the Spring of every year. The intensive seminars held on-campus allow students to have a  job while completing their Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate degrees.

Quality Education
Horizons University provides courses that are taught by highly qualified International Faculty and is constantly pursuing new accreditations to validate the quality of the university and increase international recognition of its degree programs. Refer to the Accreditation page for updated information on Horizons University’s current accreditation status.


Horizons University's degrees were designed to keep students in focus, so that the programs are affordable. Furthermore, Horizons University favors open electronic educational resources, selected by our subject experts to make material available to you free of charge, no matter where you are in the world. Close to 80% of Horizons University courses do not require students to purchase reading material (physical or electronic). And we are working to reach 100% soon.

Horizons University is a pioneer of online education. The University’s mix of self-paced and content driven online courses makes Horizons University’s teaching approach unique.

Horizons University strongly feels that just because students are enrolled in distance education does not mean that the University should be a distant resource. Once students begin their studies at Horizons University, they are assigned a Student Premier who will accompany them through their whole degree at Horizons University. This mentor will manage the student’s experience, and work together with the Facilitators and Professors to ensure that the student is receiving all the support needed to achieve all learning goals, and to complete the degree with success.

One-to-One Faculty Interactions
All online students are assigned to an expert Faculty member who becomes their Facilitator for the duration of the course. Students have a one-to-one interaction with their Facilitator who guides them through the course, assessing work, providing feedback, and answering any questions that arise regarding the course content and assignments. Furthermore, students comment that the flexibility of their Facilitators is a strength of Horizons University.

In fact, our students report to have better relationships with their Faculty than students at other universities do (according to NSSE 2012 study).

Horizons University’s mission

Horizons University seeks to provide a practical, one-on-one learning experience for students through innovative study opportunities, a strong global focus, and personalized instruction tailored to individual learning goals, under the guide of dedicated supervisors with a strong and proven experience worldwide.

Practical Focus

Horizons University has a high emphasis on the practical application of the knowledge that is passed on to its Students. Students confirm that Horizons University has an approach that yields valuable and practical life skills. For every module within each course students must complete a specific assignment, and at the end of the course, instead of final exams, a project is due that focuses on the application of the knowledge learned during the course.

Continuous Evaluation
All Horizons University courses use continuous evaluation, where every graded assignment Students complete during a course counts to the overall grade of it. Furthermore, Horizons University does not use quizzes or exams. This means that students are assessed on their ability to apply knowledge throughout the whole course, instead of memorising concepts for the exam.


What our students say about Horizons University:

“The Faculty at Horizons University is composed of highly educated, experienced experts in their fields. The professors love teaching and work more like mentors and coaches passing on their knowledge and experience with passion. All this plus the low cost of tuition makes this University a treasure for anyone serious about an education of the highest quality at a reasonable cost.”

“Everyone I was in contact with were always friendly and quick to respond to any of my questions.”

“I really like the fact I'll be able to use my newly acquired knowledge in real-life.”

“My teacher was always available and willing to help me. The Skype sessions I had with her were very helpful. She guided me and answered all of my questions. She was always available and made me feel comfortable to ask her questions.”

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