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Statistic Tab

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In this page you will find statistics about Horizons University. More specifically you will find:

  1. The geographical repartition of our students;
  2. Satisfaction of our students;
  3. The Internal Assessment data of our Business Students.

Students’ Geographical Repartition

Satisfaction of our Students

Internal Assessment Data of our Business Students:Internal Assesment Data.pdf


Attrition rate: 6.8%

Retention rates

BBA: 95%

MBA: 97%

DBA: 83% 

Graduation (number of students):

2016 5 12 21
2017 7 16 27
2018 11 18 34


Licensure pass rates: not applicable 

Job placement rates

98% of graduates report securing a job or a promotion/salary increase within 6 months

Acceptance into graduate programs:

78% of BBA students move onto graduate school

47% of MBA students move to DBA programs

Successful transfer of credits:

Only 3% (in 2017) of students reported to have transferred to another school.

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