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PhD in International Leadership

On-campus in French / Online in English

- Year-by-Year Breakdown - Course Description

The PhD Program at Horizons University prepares students for leadership positions in global organizations, careers as independent consultants, entrepreneurs, business researchers and also project managers and business owners.

This program focuses on modern trends in leadership across the globe. Today’s leader is adaptable, a change agent, and demonstrates innovative thinking in a fast-changing environment. The global leader is culturally aware. A PhD will grant the ability to analyze data, anticipate events and influence teams to buy-in decisions. The rigorous doctoral training in a very flexible and one-to-one facilitation will allow every student to easily combine professional and personal obligations with academic requirements.

Duration 3 years
Credit Value 180 Credits  (Honors 240)*
Admission Requirements Master’s degree or equivalent
Languages French (on-campus) or English (online)
Study Options Online or On Campus
Tuition 3200€ yearly
Registration Fee 60€ yearly
Technology Fee 80€ yearly


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Year-by-Year Breakdown


Year 1
Foundation Seminars in Marketing/Finance/Ethics (optional)
International Business Strategy
Leadership Theory
Academic Writing
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
Year 2
Global Economy 
The Intelligence in International Leadership
Business Research Methods
Year 3
The Future of I_Leadership
The Ethos of Leadership
Dissertation Writing/Defense


  1. Foundation seminars (optional)
  2. International Business Strategy
  3. Business research Methods
  4. Journal Writing
  5. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  6. Global Economy
  7. Leadership Theory
  8. The Intelligence in International Leadership
  9. The Future of Leadership
  10. The Ethos of Leadership
  11. Dissertation Writing/Defense


(Each course carries 10ECTS/4US credits except where noted)


PHD 700 -   Foundation Seminars in Marketing/Finance/Ethics.   

The specific topic of this course is tailored to the individual scholarship needs of the student.  Contemporary problems in the areas of international marketing, finance, and ethics are studied with an application of theory and research. These short courses are required only for students without previous coursework in these areas.


PHD658 - International Business Strategy. 

This course is grounded on the fundamental principles of strategic management and focuses on strategy-making decisions in international business corporations.  Emphasis is given to corporate-level analysis, strategy formation and implementation, and the goal of crafting a sustainable competitive advantage in a global market.


PHD660 -  Global Economy. 

This course examines the complex functions of an inter-connected global environment.  It explores the patterns and behaviors of local economies as they react to the performance of the larger global systems to which they are related.


PHD673 -  Business Research Methods. 

This course is a doctoral-level introduction to conducting business research.  Emphasis is placed on designing and executing an original research project similar to those undertaken by various stakeholders in an international business environment.


PHD674 - Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

This is an advanced study of the investigation procedures used in business research.  Considerations for using techniques such as Action Research, Focus Groups, Interviews, Experimental Designs, Factor Analysis, and are other methods are covered.


PHD 780 -  Journal Writing. 

This course facilitates the student’s ability to write, review, edit, and format an original paper to meet the publication standards of an academic journal.  When completed, the course results in a published article in Horizons University Business Journal.


PHD799 -  Dissertation Proposal Writing. 

This course focuses on the development of the dissertation proposal under the supervision of a doctoral faculty member.  Students will be guided through the completion of a proposal which will be eligible for submission to the university.


PHD800 - Dissertation. 

Credit is given in this course for satisfactory work completed towards the doctor dissertation, following the acceptance of a proposal through the preparations for the defense.



PHD620.  Leadership Theory. 

This course delves into the theoretical aspects of leadership as social-psychological phenomena.  It examines traditional perspectives of leadership as well as current thinking which explains leadership from a variety of perspectives.  Theories based in the social sciences are examined in order to conceptualize leadership and the process by which it is applied to contemporary environments.


PHD720. The Intelligence in International Leadership. 

This course focuses on perspectives and methodologies related to research in global leadership.  It introduces popular streams of academic research on leadership in various social and business-related contexts and prepares the student to conduct his/her own research ideas in the area of leadership. Leadership problems and challenges are examined in various geopolitical, industry-related, and regulatory contexts.


PHD820.  The Future of Leadership.

This course addresses future directions for leadership in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, focusing on areas of opportunity and challenges.  Topics include the experiences of contemporary business leaders as they relate to technological and managerial problems.


PHD822.  Ethos of Leadership. 

This course analyzes the psychological, social, and cultural formations of personal leadership development.  The focus of the course is on the characteristics of the leader, as an independent agent, rather than on the leadership process per se.

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