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Master of Arts in International Education

Online in English

Accredited by ACCREDITAT

Overview - Year-by-Year Breakdown - Course Description

The Master of Arts in International Education (MAIED) is designed to draw early-to-mid-career professionals with at least one year of relevant experience in traditional and/or international educational field settings. The program will encourage students to show their ability to interact with cultures or groups other than their own and to do quality graduate work in an independent/virtual setting. Strong competence in spoken and written English is highly recommended and proficiency in a language other than English is preferred.

Duration 1 year
Credit Value 90ECTS/36US
Admission Requirements Bachelor’s degree or Equivalent
Languages English
Study Options Online
Tuition 3650€ 
Registration Fee 60€ 
Technology Fee 80€ 

The structure of a typical course will require students to read materials supplied by the university, study related materials, and perform personal research on selected topics.  Confirmation of learning may be determined via papers, projects, quizzes or exams.



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Year-by-Year Breakdown

The courses identified as core must be taken in the year indicated (where applicable). Core courses are 10ECTS/4US. Each specialization (MAE506 and MAE507) is worth 15ECTS.  Maximum 3 specializations allowed, one in addition to the two included in the program. Additional specializations are subject to extra fees.

Course Number Course Name Core or Elective
Year 1
MAE501 The World of International Education Core
MAE502 Theories of International Education Core
MAE503 Pedagogy and Methodology in International Education
MAE504 Technology in International Education Core
MAE505 Curricula and Instruction in International Education Core
MAE506 Special Projects: Core (choose 1)
- Project Management Specialization
MAE506/C - Child Development Specialization
MAE507 International Education: Core (choose 1)
MAE507/A - Adult Literacy Specialization
MAE507/C - ESL (English as Second Language) Specialization
MAE550 Teaching Practicum Core


Master of Arts in International Education is accredited by ACCREDITAT


MAE501   The World of International Education


This course introduces the student to international education from a multicultural perspective.  The course examines the teaching philosophies and paradigms found within different cultural settings, and explores methods of bridging cultural attitudes and practices across world societies.  Components of educational practices found in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa-Middle East are covered.

MAE502   Theories of International Education


This course explores the theoretical basis of culture and its relationship to learning.  Perspectives and practices related to education are examined in light of demographic characteristics, socio-economic factors, human rights issues, and various societal problems are analyzed as they influence teaching and learning.

MAE503   Pedagogy and Methodology in International Education


This course presents the current foundations and applications of teaching methods that relevant to international education contexts.  Critical thinking, constructivist theory, and cultural theories guide students in preparation to be global administrators and teachers.  Students will research, develop, and apply teaching plans through in-class simulations.

MAE504   Technology in International Education


This course focuses on the interface of learning theory and the application of technology in both traditional and online instructional settings.  Throughout this course, there is an emphasis on using the most current technological resources while keeping within the parameters of local and national educational standards.

MAE505   Curriculum and Instruction in International Education


This course emphasizes the development of teaching and learning materials for primary, secondary, and tertiary educational settings.  The course is developed around four general areas:  International Advocacy, Building Bridges to Cultures, Teaching and Learning, and Study Abroad opportunities.  Students will develop a plan of action (POA) for their teaching projects.

MAE506   Special Projects


This course allows students to choose a specific theme within their specialization area.  Work completed in this course may include researching and writing an academic paper, conducting active teaching/learning simulations in local schools, or other hands-on application as agreed upon by the instructor and student.

MAE507   International Education


Similar to MAE506, this course allows students to choose a specific theme within their specialization area among two elective courses.

MAE550   Teaching Practicum

This course prepares students in specialized teaching topics related to international education.  Students will be activity engaged as student teachers, volunteer teachers, curriculum designers, or other applications relevant to their particular profile.



 Students choose one of the following specializations respectively for:


  • - MAE506/A Project Management
  • - MAE506/C Child Development
  • MAE507
  • - MAE507/A Adult Literacy
  • - MAE507/C ESL (English as Second Language)
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