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Horizons University seeks to provide a practical, one-on-one learning experience for students through innovative study opportunities, a strong global focus, and personalized instruction tailored to individual learning goals.

Mr Ali Rastbeen

Dr Ali Rastbeen - President


Mr Berthelot

Dr Pierre Berthelot - Dean

Horizons University takes pride in empowering its students with the opportunity to further their education. This includes students for whom education would otherwise be inaccessible due to geographic, financial, political, or any other number of limitations. At Horizons University we believe that a student who is motivated, hard working, and dedicated to accomplishing his or her goals is deserving of an opportunity to do so. Furthermore, we want to uphold our part in making this possible, no matter who the student is.
Horizons University offers a variety of accredited degree programs in the business field (BBA, MBA and DBA programs) along with online Masters degrees in International Education, Cross-Cultural Communication and French Language and Culture. 

Horizons University was designed to offer its students high quality education at an affordable price. Our degree programs and their courses are developed by faculty members, experts with extensive experience in their areas of concentration. They are committed to the success of their students. As a pioneer in long-distance learning, Horizons University’s flexible programs give students the opportunity to acquire their degree while allowing each student to plan his or her studies around other obligations.

The online programs are completed 100% online, without a residency requirement, and are self-paced. At Horizons University we encourage our students to challenge themselves by having a sense of independence throughout their online education. Our highly qualified, international faculty are here to facilitate learning, to guide students through the curriculum, while allowing students the freedom to take control of their degree program.

The on-campus programs are offered with a blended approach, where students take intensive seminars, and complete the rest of their work independently. This method allows the on-campus students to work while they study, and have face-to-face interaction with our Faculty.

Most of the degrees and their courses, both online and on-campus, have a high focus on acquiring practical skills, and the intellectual application of the material they’ve learned. Our Faculty and Student Mentors work together to help you reach your academic, personal, and professional goals!



Do you have a disability and want to train?
The law of September 5, 2018 for the "freedom to choose one's professional future" aims to facilitate access to employment for people with disabilities.
Our establishment tries to give everyone the same chances of accessing or maintaining employment.
This is why we offer you, if you wish, to take your disability into account, visible or invisible, throughout the duration of your training. For this, it will be useful at least two months before the training to send us the description of your disability, so that we can study the feasibility of carrying out the training action. If we are unable to take your disability into account, we will refer you to competent organizations (see list below).
The choice of scheme and possible financial assistance depend on your professional situation, job seeker or employee.
We also invite you to consult the website: https://www.monparcourshandicap.gouv.fr/formation-professionnelle

You are employed in the private sector:
You benefit from the same conditions of access to training as any other employee, with an additional right to funding, for this, please contact:


You are employed in the public sector:
You benefit from the same conditions of access to training as any other employee, with an additional right to funding, for this, please contact:


You are a job seeker:
To enable a jobseeker with a disability to acquire the skills necessary for long-term employment, AGEFIPH, Pôle Emploi or other funders can help cover the cost of training. This must be part of an integration process and offer real and serious prospects for access to employment.
To benefit from this aid, the candidate must contact his Pôle Emploi or Mission Locale adviser, who will direct him to the possible financing schemes that are best suited to his professional project. Any request for assistance must be sent at least two months before starting training.

Cap employment
 43bis Rue d'Hautpoul, 75019 Paris
Telephone: 01 44 52 40 60




Vous êtes en situation de handicap et vous souhaitez faire une formation ?
La loi du 5 septembre 2018 pour la « liberté de choisir son avenir professionnel » a pour objectif de faciliter l’accès à l’emploi des personnes en situation de handicap.
Notre établissement tente de donner à tous les mêmes chances d’accéder ou de maintenir l’emploi.
C’est pourquoi nous vous proposons, si vous le souhaitez, de prendre en compte votre handicap, visible ou invisible, pendant toute la durée de votre formation. Pour cela, il sera utile au moins deux mois avant la formation de nous communiquer la description de votre handicap, afin que nous puissions étudier la faisabilité de la réalisation de l’action de formation. Si nous ne parvenons pas à prendre en compte votre handicap, nous vous orienterons alors vers des organismes compétents (voir liste ci-dessous).
Le choix du dispositif et l’aide financière possible dépendent de votre situation professionnelle, demandeur d’emploi ou salarié.
Nous vous invitons également à consulter le site internet : https://www.monparcourshandicap.gouv.fr/formation-professionnelle

Vous êtes salarié dans le secteur privé :
Vous bénéficiez des mêmes conditions d’accès à la formation que tout autre salarié, avec un droit supplémentaire à un financement, pour cela, merci de contacter :


Vous êtes salarié dans le secteur public :
Vous bénéficiez des mêmes conditions d’accès à la formation que tout autre salarié, avec un droit supplémentaire à un financement, pour cela, merci de contacter :


Vous êtes demandeur d’emploi :
Pour permettre à un demandeur d’emploi en situation de handicap d’acquérir les compétences nécessaires à un emploi durable, l’AGEFIPH, Pôle Emploi ou d’autres financeurs peuvent participer à la prise en charge du coût d’une formation. Celle-ci doit s’inscrire dans un parcours d’insertion et offrir des perspectives réelles et sérieuses d’accès à l’emploi.
Pour bénéficier de ces aides, le candidat doit contacter son conseiller Pôle Emploi ou Mission Locale qui l’orientera vers les dispositifs de financement possibles et les mieux adaptés à son projet professionnel. Toute demande d’aide devra être adressée au moins deux mois avant l’entrée en formation.
Cap emploi
 43bis Rue d'Hautpoul, 75019 Paris
Téléphone : 01 44 52 40 60


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