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MBA in Global Innovation and Change Management


Online in English



Program Overview:  This program responds to the increasing demand for participation in virtual workforce environments.  It is designed to equip the student with managerial, organizational, and technical skills required to manage the challenges associated with remote working conditions.  The program emphasizes ways to interact, both technically and on interpersonal/team levels, with internal and external stakeholders involved in the new remote business paradigm as it has developed in 2020 and beyond.

Program Objectives:  Upon completion of the program, the student will:

 1. Employ professional, interactive software applications used for project management, internal  and external networking, spreadsheets, information sharing, data storage systems,   maintaining cyber security, and performing other various inter- and intra-organizational   processes.

 2. Coordinate effective virtual teams, manage work projects remotely, interface in real-time  with stakeholders at all levels, maintain effective communication with external constituencies such as customer bases, and motivate employees at horizontal and vertical levels of the organization.

3. Remotely perform functional managerial duties, especially those related to human resource  management, such as recruiting, hiring, training, and evaluating employees, providing  technical and workplace support on new procedures and processes, and communicating     vertically within the organization.


Duration 2 years
Credit Value 120 Credits
Admission Requirements Bachelors Degree + 2 years work experience
Languages English (online)
Study Options Online
Tuition 3450€ yearly
Registration Fee 60€ yearly
Technology Fee 80€ yearly



The structure of a typical course will require students to read materials supplied by the university, study related materials, and perform personal research on selected topics. Confirmation of learning may be determined via papers, projects, quizzes or exams.

All MBA students take  five  courses the 1st year and 4 courses the 2nd year and complete an independent research thesis (MBA549) over the course of two years, under the supervision of graduate faculty.

MBA program is accredited by ECBE - European Council for Business Education


Course Number Course Name Credits
Year 1
MBA540 Leading the Global Organizations 10
MBA541 Business Analytics 10
MBA542 Diversity and Innovation 10
MBA543 Innovation and Data Management 10
MBA544 Financing Global Innovation 10
Year 2
MBA546 The Culture of Innovation 10
MBA547 The Innovation Environment of Organization 10
MBA548 Innovation Strategies 10
MBA549 Thesis 40



MBA540: Leading the Global Organizations. This course provides an introduction to essential management concepts typically related to the contemporary global environment.  Students are introduced to the interface of business and culture, including topics in diversity, change management, corporate citizenship, and interpersonal communication practices with business stakeholders, team dynamics, and globalization processes.  

MBA541: Business Analytics.  This course equips the student to conduct business research using a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures.  Topics include sampling techniques, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression analysis, data mining, cluster analysis, time series research, reliability and validity, case studies, business statistic software, and writing research reports.

MBA542: Diversity and Innovation:  This course explores the foundations of Diversity and Innovation as part of the contemporary workplace context.  Theories, research, and application of Diversity and Inclusion are addressed from a variety of institutional perspectives germane to today’s global environment.

MBA543:  Innovation and Data Management     This course focuses on applications related to financial, statistical, monetary, and regulatory systems involved in new enterprise development.  Topics include Crowdsourcing, search engine optimization, Cloud Computing, and various interactive analytics tools that facilitate collaboration and decision-making among entrepreneurial parties involved in creating innovative outcomes.

MBA544:  Financing Global Innovation:  This course covers the resources, instruments, and procedures associated with procuring investment capital for entrepreneurial projects.  International issues related to equipment sales, taxation, currency exchange, international financing, and various other cross-country laws are addressed.

MBA546:  The Culture of Innovation  This course focuses on the social-professional environment which characterizes innovation environments.  Focus is given to the nature of the idea creation process, the developmental stages of innovation, and the communication features and patterns found in innovation-fostering contexts.

MBA547:  The Innovation Environment of Organizations    This course assumes a managerial perspective for creating and fostering the conditions necessary to inspire and promote innovation in organizations.  The course addresses the processes of identifying corporate talent, locating strategic resources, and implementing organizational processes that encourage the innovation of ideas, projects, and new corporate visions.

MBA548:  Innovation Strategies    This course addresses issues related to the processes by which contemporary global organizations develop strategy.   The course emphasizes the managerial functions necessary to strategically plan and implement innovation.

MBA 549: Thesis.

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